Memoirs (screenplay)

A feature film, based on the semi-autobiographical stage play From the Memoirs of Johnny Daze, produced by Bashar Chbib. It premiered at Toronto’s international film festival, toured the festival circuit, and was shown as an extended-run midnight feature at the Bleecker Street Cinema in New York City. (Available for screening at Oneira Films.)

“… sinister, stylized New Wave melodrama … visually interesting throughout, with a rhinestone-in-the-rubble look…”
Janet Maslin, New York Times

“An elegantly choreographed and archly stylized marriage of Fassbinder and Archie comics, the Montreal-made Memoirs is basically an end-of-the-world teen romance. A bright-eyed and idealistic young writer named Johnny Daze comes to town prowling for something to write about. What he finds is a sinister back alley forbidden zone peopled by gays, artists, prostitutes, transvestites and virtually every kind of conceivable bad influence. But his absolute undoing (and his initiation into the underworld) comes in the form of a bewitching but volatile artist/garbage collector/femme fatale named Ida Rage. Vampiristically sucked dry of both dramatic and psychological realism, Bashar Shbib’s first feature is an exercise in pop-media deconstruction that takes the camp aesthetic to near-apocalyptic extremes. If Bertholt Brecht had directed Risky Business, it might have turned out something like this.” – Geoff Pevere


“… a Timothy Leary nightmare after one cocktail too many.”
Salem Alaton, The Globe and Mail

“Where has all the value gone?”
Mark Halleck, New York Native

“Imagine Fassbinder without the good acting, passionate intensity or naked self-awareness…”
Robert Strauss, Los Angeles Reader

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